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Google Map is now created and used by most businesses to locate and promote information of businesses on Google Maps.

The use of Google Map is not only limited to attaching the address on Google's map, but also expanding extremely useful functions of the business information such as: Business name - Industry, service, supply, contact phone number and more amazing than instructions on direct roads on Google's offered.

The Google Map embedded code is often used on the contact page, Landing Page about adwords advertising, advertising services ... and more depending on the strategy of each manager.

FAQ - Google Map Embed & Generator Embed HTML Code

Can I embed a Google Map in my website for free?

Yes you can embed google map in your website without API. Follow 2 simple step, enter your address in the form. Click generate Google Map and get HTML code for widget on your Website.

How do I embed the Google Map HTML Code into my Website?

Embed Google Maps into your website is a basic and uncomplicated process. With just a few clicks for Google Maps HTML code, you can enjoy many Google Maps features right on your website. Integrating the Google Maps API can require extensive coding, but the website provides an easier option.

Just enter the address of the area you want to add to your website, choose the zoom level, map size, and finally the map style. Once you've made your selections, simply click a button on the page to access the JavaScript code.

This eliminates the need to hire a professional programmer to help you integrate sophisticated Google Map API code into your business website.

Embed Google Map address into WordPress website.

There are many locations that embed the map on the website, in this guide you the map embedded in 3 positions: Footer, Contact - Introduction and Posts WordPress website

1. Embed code map into Footer

Step 1: Log in website administration.

Step 2: Mouse in the interface => Widget => Footer (Locate the map on your website at Footer 1 or Footer 2). Some Footer location websites are located in UX Blocks. Then we click Edit with UX Builder = >> Then paste the HTML code copied above and paste it into the position to change.

Step 3: At Footer => Determine the position of the map = >> Paste Code HTML Code Copy

Step 4: Save change = >> Check the size and edit accordingly

2. Embed code map into the subpage (Contact - Introduction) or any article

Step 1: Log in website administration.

Step 2: Go to the page =>> All pages =>> Contact page (or introduction page or any article) = >> Edit

Step 3: Put the mouse pointer on the position of the map (visual tab) = >> Move via the text tab, =>> Paste the code HTML Code into the position you want to appear

Step 4: Click on the update to change

Embedding Google Maps without Programming Skills

Some folks may be concerned by the Google Maps code. But, as previously said, integrating Google Maps into your website may be a reasonably simple operation using our unique Javascript. All the user has to do is copy and paste the Javascript code from our website. Simply select the Google Maps type (roadmap, satellite, hybrid, or terrain), zoom level, and build the Javascript. That's all there is to it! Isn't that really simple?

Checking the Reviews on Google Maps

Google Map is a great way to get travel advice when you are visiting a new place. It provides reviews and comments from other users to help you decide which hotels, restaurants, and attractions to visit. With Google Map, you can also add your own review of an establishment to let others know about your experience there.

Get driving directions with Street View on Google Maps

Driving directions are essential to ensuring customers arrive on time. It's like posting and broadcasting your existence to the entire outside world. Google Maps is not just a map. Unlike other navigation features, Google Maps is rich in features. Receive constant updates on local traffic conditions from side streets, street views, nearby hotels and restaurants, and even satellite imagery. You can also view customer feedback and reviews of restaurants, hotels, and other business establishments to help you make informed decisions. That's not all. Google Transit's integration, which works best with Google Maps, opens up a sea of information on transit schedules, fares, and cost comparison studies.

Why every website should have a Google Map Embed?

Using our Google Map Generator tool, you can include a Google Map on your site that includes a pin dropped at the address of a location. This is useful for your own company, but it can also be used by bloggers, reviewers, and other websites that discuss specific businesses. The map is also simple to integrate with WordPress. They can also be used to provide broader overviews of a neighborhood or area. Embed Google Map provides numerous advantages to your visitors.

  • It helps people in getting directions. By including a map on your website, you save people the process of opening maps in another window and pasting over the location. People may easily acquire instructions by clicking on your map address.
  • Make it simple to locate company contact information. The information used to generate a business overview comprises an address, phone number, website, and other information that Google is aware of. This allows customers to easily access your information when they need it.
  • Display customer feedback and other information about your website/company.
  • It keeps people on your website. Whatever information they need about a location can be found in the map while remaining on your site rather than departing for the Google site.
  • Add a location's street view image. Because Google Maps has street-level views of nearly every site on all but the most minor roads, Street View photographs can be provided to help people envision what a destination will look like when they arrive.

Embedding a Google Map with is easy. Just put in an address, select a few details of how you want your map to appear, copy the code after you click "Get Map widget Code". Then, just paste that into your website. © 2023 - The Service of is Free To Use